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Reverse Osmosis SystemsReverse Osmosis SystemsLet us get you the size you need. Ultra Violet SterilizersUltra Violet SterilizersAn Ultra Violet Sterilizer is crucial to ensure your water is bacteria free.
Softeners & FiltersSofteners & FiltersNo matter your source of water, we can make sure it is free of unwanted substances such as iron, hardness or chlorine. Water Filling StationsWater Filling StationsDepending of your space and needs, we can build a water filling station to suit your location.
Bottle WasherBottle WasherA bottle washer is an important part of any water vending location to ensure customers jugs are clean prior to filling with purified water. ComponentsComponentsWe stock a variety of components and replacement parts.
About The System

About The System

Step One:
a) Optional - Removal of Calcium (Hardness) with a Softener.  Once calcium is removed, our water treatment equipment is protected from any unnecessary scaling problems.
b) Chlorine removal with a Carbon Filter to protect the Reverse Osmosis Membrane.

Step Two:
This step involves the removal of the Total Dissolved Solids (T.D.S.) with a Reverse Osmosis Unit.  This process effectively removes the T.D.S. below 10 PPM.

Step Three:
Quality Water is then stored in a R.O. rated Storage Tank with an automatic level control.

Step Four:
From the Storage Tank, the water is pumped to the Water Filling Station with a food grade delivery pump.

Step Five:
The water then travels through a taste and odour Polish Filter to remove any possible taste issues.  The water then passes through an Ultra Violet Sterilizer to destroy bacteria.  Pure, clean water is then available to the consumer to fill their bottles with the push of a button,

An Ozonator is used to keep R.O. water at the highest quality.
A Bottle Washer is used to insure customer jugs are clean and sterlized before filling with purified water.

Note: All equipment must be monitored monthly to ensure continued production of high quality water and prevent costly down time.
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